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Peter McGowan

Musicians Bios

I was born and raised in Co. Cavan, Ireland. I moved to Los Angeles in the spring of 1987 and began working as a session musician. Many of these sessions included world-renowned artists including, Chet McCracken (Doobie Brothers), Albert Lee, Stuart Smith (Sweet), and Howard Leese (Heart). Working with musicians of this caliber, all of whom had toured the world, inspired me to find a band that I could tour with. In 1994 I joined world-beat band World Color, a multi-racial, multi-cultural band led by Pamela Whitman, great-granddaughter of Walt Whitman. The experience of working with musicians from all over the world combined with my upbringing, rooted in Irish traditional music, transported me to a new place, musically. I began to write music that would lead to the unique sound that is, Finn MacCool. I left World Color in 1999 to form the band Finn MacCool.

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