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  • Finn MacCool, Legend or Myth?"
    Our understanding after many years of research is that Finn MacCool existed. There is a fine line between "Legend" and "Myth". Finn is a legendary figure, meaning, his story is based on historical facts, provable, and elements that may be true but are not provable, Myths. Finn MacCool was to the Irish what King Arthur was to the Britons. More on King Arthur later. Something that strengthens the argument of the actual existence of Finn MacCool are the stories that surround his childhood. We as a society believe in the existence of many legendary figures even though, in many cases, there is little or no evidence of their childhood other than they were sent away to be raised in the countryside by wise men and women. Finn was sent away also but there are stories of events surrounding his childhood. The most famous being, Finn MacCool and the Salmon of Knowledge.
  • The Salmon of Knowledge
    Finn was raised by the poet and all round wise man, Fineagas. Finnegas lived near the river Boyne, a river that runs through several counties in Ireland including Kildare, Meath, and Louth. Finnegas spent most of his life in search of a fish known throughout Ireland as the "Salmon of Knowledge". Many had lived and died in search of the elusive Salmon. Although Finnegas had yet to catch the fish, he knew it resided deep in the waters near his home. Why?. Because he believed the fish obtained its knowledge from eating hazelnuts that fell from the hazel trees that grew next to the river. The one that ate first from the fish would obtain the knowledge of the world. Although Finnegas would have loved to catch the fish and be the first to obtain such knowledge, being wise he also knew that perhaps this knowledge was not meant for him but for someone else destined for greatness, Finn MacCool
  • Finn ate from the Salmon of Knowledge
    One day while fishing in the same place he had fished for most of his life, Finnegas caught the Salmon he believed to be the Salmon of Knowledge. He instructed Finn to build a fire under the spit and cook the fish. he gave Finn special instructions not to eat from the fish. Finn cooked the salmon, constantly turning it over on the spit. When he saw a blister rise on the skin of the fish he used his thumb to burst it. In doing so Finn burned his finger and stuck his thumb in his mouth to ease the pain. In doing so he gained the knowledge from the salmon. Throughout his life, Finn could draw upon this knowledge merely by sucking on his thumb. The deep knowledge and wisdom gained from the Salmon of Knowledge allowed Finn to do many great things throughout his life including becoming the leader of the Fianna, the famed heroes that protected the High Kings of Ireland
  • The Fianna
    The Fianna were part of a standing army formed to protect and serve the High Kings. A kind of Secret Service
  • What does Slainte mean?
    A toast meaning Good Health
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