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Ancestral Voices is a Dynamic Multi Media  live performance in early production. It will utilize songs & music, dancers & storytelling, to paint a picture of Ireland from her earliest beginnings to the present day. Come with us as we listen to the voices of our Ancestors tell their stories.


Who were The Tuatha De Dannan, the Celts, the Druids?  Who built Newgrange, a monument older than the pyramids.?


Finn MacCool to Padraig Pearse, Macha to Countess Markievicz. Ancestral Voices are calling my name and yours.

Crystal Salt
Shadow on Concrete Wall

Ancestral Voices of which we have many to thank for their contribution to ,eeping the voices of our ancestors aive.

Ancestral Voices will continue to tell the stories of Ireland. Tales  that are known the world over. but will also expand on those stories. Delve deep in to some of the better known sagas like the story of the Children of Lir. and what we believe it represents beyond the obvious tale of loss and heroics Ancestral Voices goes deep to bring the audience inside what we believe the true meaning behind the story. What the children, who were turned into swans and were forced to leave their home as many of Irelands children have had to over the centuries. Their is a parallel between their journey and the journey outlined in the adventures of the Children of lir. For like the swans, Ireland children have taken the music an song of his wee Island far and wide. Along with great stories that have become synonymous with Ireland. The  world needs great stories, great music great theater and Ancestral Voices aims to continue to bring people the very best of what Ireland have to offer. We are well aware of the gravity of the task at hand, as we follow in the footsteps of such greats like W.B. Yeats, Oscar Wide, Seamus Heaney, George Bernard Shaw, and Francis Bacon, the list goes on from the land referred to by as the land of Saints & Scholars. The story behind that glorious title came way back in the 5th century when the Roman Empire’s crumbled. The world was in disarray as institutions crumbled.all over Europe. But because the Romans never set foot on Irish soil. Ireland, being an Island, was insulated from the rest of Europe including what was then Breton which later became what we know of today as Britain. Ireland’s institutions could continue to prosper and evolve without interruption leading to a period of intellectual, religious, and artistic superiority that has been called ‘Ireland’s Golden Age’. It is during this period Ireland earned the title ‘Insula Sanctorum et Doctorum – The Island of Saints and Scholars’.


And of course in the world of music, we've got  Clannad, Van Morrison, Enya, Thin Lizzy, Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher, and of course all the great publicity brought upon by the success of Riverdance.

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