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Finn MacCool is a Celtic Fusion band based in Los Angeles. The band takes its name from the legendary figure in Irish lore, the warrior Finn MacCool. The music and songs are rooted in the Celtic culture from all seven Celtic nations,* The lyrics take the listener back in time and celebrate the history of the Celtic people, while the music combines traditional Irish scales and rhythms with elements of folk, blues, gypsy, world-beat, and funk. The music and stories serve to keep the spirit of this great culture alive and relevant in these modern times. "You will feel their presence and you will know their stories through the music of  Finn MacCool. 
 The Seven Celtic Nations are*
Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Wales, Cornwall, Isle of Man and Galicia.


Molly, our Irish Wolfhound, passed away on Oct 31st 2016. She was more than a dog, Molly embodied the soul, the spirit, and the love of our  ancestors. Her ancestors protected the Kings and Queens of Ireland, but they also protected the ordinary people with the same love and loyalty.

As all dogs teach us, she knew no boundaries. That is what the music of Finn MacCool aims for. No boundaries. No ONE genre. No ONE subject. Yes there is a theme but a theme without borders. There is no wall. There is no color, no race, no religion, just music. The one true language we all share, SOUND

Fun Fact

The deepest note ever detected in space is a  B♭

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