Emerald  Tablets

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What Are the Emerald Tablets?

  The Emerald Tablets are a set of thirteen sacred Tablets,
made of solidemerald.  At the dawn of human civilization,
the Tablets were encoded withthe secrets to all human
power on Earth.  Think of them as similar to the Ten
Commandments - only instead of offering rules to govern
human behavior, thesetablets provide the secrets to
unlimited human potential.

The Tablets themselves were encoded by Toth the Atlantean,
who was laterreferred to by the Greeks as
Hermes Trismegestis, the father of alchemy.
And in the spirit of the alchemists, these tablets contain
the secrets of turningoneâs life into gold.  The translations
have been protected through the centuries by secret societies
in Egypt, France, Australia, and now in the United States.
Originally passed down through a rigid oral tradition which
required years of apprenticeship, they were translated into
English at theend of the 19th century.

On the summer solstice of 1997, Kathleen McGowan received
a copy of the rareand sacred Emerald Tablet translations from
astrologer and avatar, Linda Goodman.
Receiving this gift was alife-changingexperience, and Kathleen
began the requisite initiation - of reading the full text (of 124 pages)
100 times.  She was then sent to theHoly Land and to Egypt
to claim additional material.Here, through thedivine assistance
of the great Egyptian goddess,Sekhmet, Kathleen was gifted
with the missing portions of the tablet translations.  She was then
instructed to return to the States, and to begin releasing the Tablet
teachings in time for themillennium shift.

Our Mission Statement

It was out of this that our company, Emerald Tablet Records,
was born.  It isour mission to express the sacred teachings of
the Tablets, and to honorMother Earth in all of her sacredness,
through a number of mediums: through the music of our band,
Finn MacCool; through Kathleenâs forthcoming books and tapes,
and through a free discussion forum where these ideas and more
can be explained and discussed.

To begin your journey into the mystic land of the Emerald Tablets,
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